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We are a Wisconsin based log home manufacturing company, shipping our log products to all 50 states.

Frequently Asked Questions About Log Homes

  • Why are your prices so much lower than the bigger log home companies?

    Mainly, it�s lower overhead expenses. In most cases, the larger the facility and the more employees you have, the more expense you have to make up for. We sublet many of our products and services which is what many larger companies that are downsizing are starting to do. We try to save where we can without sacrificing quality in our products and services. This all means greater savings for you. It�s kind of like your huge building centers that are going up all over; they are able to offer a larger variety at great savings.

  • Do you make your own milled logs?

    Yes. We have contracts with several smaller, long-established, family-owned and operated sawmills that make the products we offer to our specifications. By doing business this way the overhead is minimized, but more importantly, the experience that is added is immeasurable. Also in keeping with our goals of high quality, these small businesses strive to meet our high standards and take much pride in what they do.

  • How do you dry your logs?

    We offer kiln-dried and air-dried logs. If you have a preference we can get the product you like best. In most cases we are able to offer air-dried at a more competitive price because of lower over head. Our experience is that neither is ever completely dry to the core until it has gone though at least 1 year under roof in your house. In our handcrafted homes we work with green and dry (dead standing) logs. A 12� to 20� diameter log can take up to five years to completely dry. We believe the best place to dry these massive logs is secured in the wall where they can�t go anywhere. This enables us to control the large checking by cutting a relief kerf. You should always allow the proper room for settling no matter how dry the log.

  • Do you manufacture full-scribe handcrafted log homes?

    Yes. We mainly use locally harvested large diameter white and red pine. We can, in some cases, craft your home from your own trees if they are large enough and straight enough. We would need to bring your logs to our yard where we have room and all the right equipment to work on them, and then when they are all fit together we would bring them back to set them on your sub floor.

  • What kind of quality can I expect in Classic Log Homes� products and services?

    I am glad that you asked. Quality is an area that we work very hard at. In fact it is our top concern. We believe if you saved a bunch of money, but you end up with less than you expected, or something you can�t use or stand to even look at, then what�s the use in buying it in the first place? We want quality to be the cornerstone of our business. In fact that�s what "Classic" means.

  • Can you work with the home owner to build their own log home or cabin?

    Yes. We will come to the job site one time for free (up to 250 miles) to show you or your builder how things should be done. We are also always available by cell phone almost anytime.

  • Do you put up the log shells?

    Yes. (Also see next question)

  • Do you build the complete log home?

    Yes. We always try to work with your needs. We have log home builders who are willing to travel to your area. We have builders who will complete the entire project and some log builders who prefer to build just the shell. Some builders are also willing to work with the home owner that wants to be involved in only some of the work or owners who have their own contractor but they do not have very much log building experience. We can work with you to find a local builder in your area as well. If you want to build your own log home but need help with scribing and fitting certain logs like rafters, purlins, collar ties etc. we would help you with that.

    If you have other questions, please call or email us.

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