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We are a Wisconsin based log home manufacturing company, shipping our log products to all 50 states.

Free Online Log Home Package Calculator

This price calculator is designed to give you a ballpark estimate for your log package. All prices are estimates only and may differ based on the details of your plan. For an exact quote, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

This estimate is for the log package only.

Plan Details

Width ft
Length ft
Length of Additional Full Log Walls ft
Wall Height ft
# of Courses Main Floor Sq Ft 884 sq ft
13 (8' 8") Loft Sq Ft 589 sq ft
# of Corners Total Sq Ft 1,473 sq ft
Basic Package Total $11,778.00
Perimeter Other Options Total $0.00
120 ft Grand Total $11,778.00

Log Package Details

Log Type:
Log Size:
Optional Corner Style:
Logs for Gable Walls:
Kiln Drying?

Qty or Ln Ft Price per Ln Ft Description Total
1,560 ln ft $7.55

Outer Walls:
D-Log - Double Peeled. 8" stack ht x 9.5" average thickness.


Log Description: Natural hand-peeled on one side and rough-sawn three sides. Inside corners will be chamfered by hand with a drawknife or can be left square. Double peeled is cut, peeled, and air dried for about 8-12 weeks and then clean peeled prior to shipment. This method insures the log to be 99% free from any sap bleed. All logs are sprayed with Sta-Bright, bundled with air space sticks, and covered with lumber wrap.

Log Package Sub-Total: $11,778.00


The following are optional items that you may include in your quote. After selecting your options, press the "Recalculate" button to update the quote.

Qty or Ln Ft Price per Ln Ft Price Each Description Total
0 ln ft $12.81

Price: $12.81 / ln ft

stack double round flat top & bottom log beam to support floor joist

0 ln ft $12.26

Price: $12.26 / ln ft

Log cross ties, top diameter (air dried)

0 ln ft $8.54

Price: $8.54 / ln ft

Log floor joists,

This amount is based off of 2/3 your main floor and puts a log joist every 3'-4' on center.

0 ln ft $8.54

Price: $8.54 / ln ft

Log rafters top diameter, 24' long, round log flat on one side. Figured using one rafter every 4 feet and to include 4 ft. overhang.

0 ln ft $10.44

Price: $10.44 / ln ft

Log purlins top diameter, 22' long, round log flat on one side. Figured using one purlin every 8 feet.

0 ln ft $5.73

Price: $5.73 / ln ft

9' post, top diameter

0 ln ft $14.70

Price: $14.70 / ln ft

Log ridge beam top (air dried). Includes 4' overhang on each end.

0 ln ft $0.50

Price: $0.50 / ln ft

1/4" x 1/4" bead of quality log caulk inside and out for the basic package

(This option is for help in figuring a ball park on your package. However, we do not actually sell/offer this at this time.)

0 ln ft $0.30

Price: $0.30 / ln ft

Two strips of 3/8" x 3/8" black polyvinyl chloride (PVC) closed cell foam provide a high performance seal against dust, light, air and moisture.

0 bucket(s) $225.00

Price: $225.00 / bucket

3 bucket(s) of 12" log screws. Extra heavy duty log screw fasteners provide the hold down power for logs without pre-drilling. These screws have large washer-style heads and aggressive threads to penetrate the log below, and a smooth shaft for the log that you are fastening. Each bucket/box comes with a T-40 driver to use in any heavy duty low geared 1/2" drill.

0 $150.00

Price: $150.00 / tread

Log stairs ($150.00 per tread includes split log treads and 2 choices of log stringers)

0 ft $75.00

Price: $75.00 ft

ft. log porch to cover an 8ft wide deck with log posts 8ft on center and a single log beam with log rafters 4ft on center and covered with 2x8 tongue and groove.

0 sq ft $3.03

Price: $3.03 / sq ft

2" x 8" Tongue and groove pine floor for the loft

0 sq ft $0.00

Ceiling, Soffit, and Complete Roof System Material using SIPS (structural insulated panel system):

In addition to 1"x8" and 2"x8" tongue and groove, we offer insulated panels by Eagle Panel Systems. These panels look great and provide a completely sheeted and insulated roof system for your log home. For more information, visit Eagle Panel Systems. To add an insulated panel system to your quote, select the desired panel type and R-value from the list below.

Note: Square footage figured is for a 4' overhang.

To help in your selection:

Integrated Structural Panels can span up to 24' and include Eastern White Pine boards applied to the underside for a finished ceiling.

Nail Base Panels include the insulation and sheeting. The listed price includes our own 2"x8" tongue and groove to be applied over the the structural log supports.

Semi-Structural Panels also include Eastern White Pine, but are for shorter spans and require the use of log rafters and/or purlins.

Questions? Email or call us at (715) 887-2550.

Options Sub-Total: $0.00

Package Total: $11,778.00

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If you are contacting us regarding a house plan on our site, please mention the plan name in the Comments box below. If you have a plan of your own and you would like to get a price please click on the Email link in the menu after sending this, and send me the attachment with your contact info and the type of logs you would like. We can also price packages of plans you find on other websites. Just copy the webpage address and paste the link in the Comments box.

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